Maverick | Dark Bamboo Sunglasses

$ 48.00 $ 55.00
Product Description

In order to make our take on the classic wayfarer style, we created Maverick. These sunglasses have no shortage of style.


All Tree People Bamboo Sunglasses:

  • Made from real sustainable bamboo
  • Handmade - Made custom from premium Eco-friendly bamboo!
  • Unique due to each pair's own natural wood grain
  • Water Resistant with a water-proof coating & float on the water!
  • Cleaning cloth & pouch included

All lenses on our glasses are:

  • 100% UV Protection - (UVA & UVB)
  • Impact Resistant - All lenses have a protective anti-scratch coating
  • Polarized to promote color and clarity

We only use the best quality bamboo in our products with the purpose of providing our customers grain patterns that catch the eye, high tensile strength proven to endure an active/extreme lifestyle, and aesthetically beautiful coloring in both our wood and lenses when combined.

$ 48.00 $ 55.00

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