Fragrance Free Beard Oil - Pure Jojoba/Argan Oils

$ 16.79
Product Description
Soften Your Beard and Stop the Itch! This lightweight beard oil is infused with jojoba oil and argan oil. It will keep your beard conditioned, shiny and help to stop beard dandruff. It will also stop that dreaded beard itch and keep your beard looking perfect. Give your beard a nice healthy sheen, making it super soft and manageable. It soaks in quickly so your beard can look well maintained, soft and tamed. Keep your manly beard manly, without smelling like a girl. Maintaining a healthy balance of oils not only helps maintain natural luster and shine, it helps you maintain control over your beard and greatly reduces itchiness and irritation. We make our beard oil using only the highest-quality ingredients that promise to revitalize and strengthen your beard.

  • SOFTEN YOUR BEARD - Condition and soften your beard with ManAmongMen Beard Oil. Moisturizes beard hair and skin, eliminates itching and beard-druff for a strong and respectable beard. Helps to keep hair neat, smooth, soft and tangle free
  • STOP ITCHING - Tired of having an itchy beard? ManAmong Men Beard Oil nourishes the skin and helps to stop itching associated with beard growth. Soaks in quickly to treat and calm dry, coarse, unruly and wild beard hair. Calms under-beard skin and moisturizes beards for a tidier, groomed beard
  • PURE ORGANIC FORMULA - Comprised simply of Golden Jojoba Oil and Morroccan Argan Oil. No fillers, fragrances, additives, or parabens that cause skin irritation. Say no to other beard oils that include fillers. In addition to being 100% natural and organic, you'll enjoy a better beard without any unwanted scents
  • SIMPLE TO USE - Put a couple of drops of beard oil into your palm. Then rub hands together. Massage upward into the beard and skin under your chin and cheeks. To finish, groom beard down and style as usual
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We guarantee that you will love our ManAmongMen Beard Oil. If you don't, just contact us and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.
$ 16.79

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