ComfyCloud Inflatable Lumbar Support Cushion Perfect Travel Back Cushion

$ 18.57
Product Description
Recommended by Chiropractors and Physical Therapists Back pain? Fatigued from sitting for prolonged periods of time? Slouching? This cushion is designed to support one of the most commonly neglected areas of your body, and also one of the most frequently abused: your back - specifically your lumbar vertebrae. The lumbar region of your back is the section of your spine that supports you as you sit in an upright position. Bad posture and long periods of sitting at a desk can strain this section of vertebrae and the muscles that work to keep them aligned, so a lumbar cushion is an excellent way to encourage proper posture and relieve pressure from your lower back muscles. Just slip the memory foam cushion between the back of your chair and your back to feel the difference a supported spine can make. Perfect Travel Pillow Use it in the office, in your car, at home in your favorite chair... just about anywhere you can fit a cushion in your life. Best of all, since it's memory foam, you can squish it to fit into bags or luggage, and then just pull it out and watch it expand back into shape again. Just don't forget it at home. It wouldn't forget you. Features *Orthopedic design helps relieve tension and keeps spine in proper alignment *Elastic strap holds the cushion in place *Cover is removable and machine washable *Ideal for office home and travel

  • Inflatable lumbar cushion perfect for traveling, working, or driving.
  • High-quality; Waterproof PVC with nylon strap and hand bulb for easy adjustablity
  • A great way to remove strain and pressure from your lower back muscles caused by slouching. The cushion promotes ergonomic desk posture by encouraging you sit straighter.
  • Bolstered sides and a mid-back extension help keep the wedge centered in your seat and your spine properly aligned.
$ 18.57

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