Black Label - Liquor Infused Beef Jerky 3-pack - 3 Packs of 3oz Bags

$ 26.99
Product Description
Black Label Jerky is an entirely new jerky experience. Imagine if you could eat a piece of jerky and feel the exact same sensation you would when taking a shot of whiskey or sipping an ice cold beer? This line of alcohol inspired jerky takes the idea to new levels. Unlike other jerky products that use alcohol in the marinade, as an ingredient, Black Label Jerky reproduces the amazing oaky burn of Jack Daniels or the bittersweet sting of great tequila. No extra barbecue or added flavors… just the beloved beverages that have shaped our culture as they were meant to taste.

  • These unique liquor infused jerky's have a subtle liquor finish that is not to overwhelming and several of them are low sodium & low sugar.
  • Buyer gets three convenient 3oz bags with each order
$ 26.99

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